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Although traditional inground electric and oil auto lifts have become more environmentally friendly, these car lifts still operate with electrical motors and hydraulic oil, ATF fluid, or bio-fluid. Since AquaVantage™ car lifts run on air and tap water, two of our most abundant and natural resources, there are no issues with federal, state, or local regulations, should the fluids need to be discarded. You can rest assured you are making the right environmental decision with the AV1020series inground lift.

And since this inground lift features such an innovative realGREEN™ design, functioning similar to traditional low pressure high oil volume auto lifts of yesterday, without any oils or high pressure cylinders, AquaVantage™ showcases the best balance of safety, reliability, productive and eco-friendly benefits.

How the AV1020series Inground Lift Works
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Raising the lift

Raising the car lift

Compressed air is forced into the base of each cylinder, opening the air actuated water valves. This forces water in the internal reservoir piston to flow into the larger lifting piston, resulting in positive rise.

Lowering the lift

Lowering the car lift

Compressed air opens the air actuated water valves and the air in the internal reservoir piston is exhausted, allowing the water to travel from lifting piston back to the internal reservoir piston, resulting in decent.

How it works
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