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Since our AquaVantage™ car lifts run on air and tap water, there are no electrical motors and no petroleum or vegetable-based hydraulic oils that become rancid after time. This makes the lift's power controls truly unique and very easy to operate. The power controls can be mounted directly to any workbench face or inside the cabinet (behind the workbench) for a hidden, integrated look.

The inground lift includes these standard power control unit features:

  • Convenient, simple pneumatic up and down switching
  • Integrated air pressure gauge
  • Keyed lockout safety feature
  • Standard wall mount design, integrated bench design, or cabinet mount for concealed unobtrusive look

Standard Bench Mount Power Controls

Single-handed, ergonomic power controls with pneumatic switching, integrated air pressure gauge and keyed lockout safety feature for convenience and simple, seamless operation.
Inground Lift Ergonomic Power Control

Workbench Power Controls

Integrated workbench power control units mount behind manufacturer’s benches, providing an unobtrusive, clean and organized look. Must be ordered with lift.

Inground Lift Workbench Power Control

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