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  CL10-XP9 series two post pad lift specific features   CL10 series two post lift features
Versymmetric Car Lift Drive-on style pad provides quick vehicle spotting for express bays Padded overhead shut off system 48" elongated carriage design decreases load on bearing
Oversized Pulley and heavy duty cable Low profile pad design allows extra clearance for low profile vehicles Fully gusseted base plate Design Oversized 5" diamter pulley and 5/16" cable reduces stress on equalization system and increases cable lift
48 inch elongated carriage Optional Tire Hanger Kit allows tires to be stowed at an ergonomic height without the need for bending over during tire rotations Single point mechanical lock system Single point mechanical lock release system with jacket coated protection and no lock cable pulleys, and double clutch release bar protects cable from stretching while disengaging both column locks simultaneously
Standard height plus option extensions Reinforced front and rear access ramps are designed to easily flip-up and lock to extend the platform load length which will accommodate longer wheelbase vehicles Rubber door guards Rubber door guards provide added security against vehicle door damage.
Standard height plus option extensions Standard column mounted spotting block storage caddy helps keep a safe and clean work environment Rubber door guards 11' 8" standard height with 2' and 3' extensions available allows lift to be placed in standard bay with 12' ceilings
Standard height plus option extensions Non-skip surface provides extra traction when driving over pad Rubber door guards Fully gusseted base plate design reduces column deflection
Drive-on style pad Low profile pad design Optional Tire Hanger Kit Reinforced front and rear access ramps Standard column mounted spotting block storage caddy Non-skip surface
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