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If you’re looking for a heavy duty lift that can service more vehicles and help you make more money, the CL12 is the 2 post lift for you. This lift comes standard with a variety of superior features, which you can read about below. Questions? Contact us today.

3-stage front and rear arms 3-stage front and 3-stage rear arms provide greater extension and retraction. 60 inch lifting carriage 60" lifting carriage lessens column stress by dispersing load.
Geared arm restraints Geared arm restraints standard in this 2 post lift. Standard combination stack screw pads Standard combination stack screw pads and storage brackets accommodates a wide range of vehicle pick up points.
oversized steel pulley Single-point mechanical lock release system allows technician to disengage both column lock simultaneously. Padded overhead shut off system Padded overhead shut off system in this heavy duty lift prevents vehicle damage from being raised too high.
oversized steel pulley Oversized steel pulley reduces stress on equalization system and provides increased durability.    
3-stage front and rear amrs Geared arm retraints standard Single-point mechanical lock release Oversized steel pulley 60 inch lifting carriage Standard combination stack screw pads Padded overhead shut off system
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