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CL4P9 home car lift CL4P9 home car lift is also perfect for home storage A home car lift perfect for light duty general service CL4P9 home car lift has an 80” rise
Challenger's CL4P9 home car lifts and light duty commercial general service car lifts are the perfect fit to complete your garage. CL4P9X 4-Post home storage or light commercial service car lifts. Service your vehicles or store them up top.< Challenger's 9,000 lb. capacity CL4P9X and CL4P9W are perfect for home garage and commercial storage and light duty general service applications. Professional grade quality with 80" high rise and multiple lock positions ensures you're always at a comfortable working height.
Quick tire and brake work with a home car lift
Optional rolling jacks and jack trays provide quick tire and brake work access

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