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The EV1020 inground car lift is the ultimate lift for upping productivity and meeting the demands of a service facility. It features new 8-1/2” chrome pistons, the widest drive-thru in the industry, and enhanced top and bottom wipers. To find out more about this inground car lift, read the specifications below and determine if this ecofriendly lift is right for your repair shop.

Model Number

Car Lift Capacity

10,000 lbs. (4536kg)


68" (1727mm)
A Rise Height1
74" (1880mm)
B Width Overall
110" (2794mm)
C Drive-Thru Clearance
87" (2210mm)
D Reach (Arm Minimum)
E Reach (Arm Maximum)
42-1/8" (1070mm)
F Rubber Pad Adapter (Minimum)2
G Rubber Pad Adapter (Maximum)2
3-7/8" - 6"(98mm - 152mm)
Capacity (Per Arm)
2500 lbs. (1134kg)
Guide Plunger Diameter
8 1/2" (216mm)
Voltage (Single Phase Std.)3
Speed of Rise
40 seconds
Air Required
75-125 psi
Ceiling Height Required for EV1020 car lifts
79" (2007mm)
plus height of tallest vehicle
Shipping Weight
2950 lbs (1338 kg)

1 Car Lift Rise Height is measured with superstructure in highest position.
2 Specifications are listed without rubber pad, for measurements with rubber pad add 1-4" (6mm).
3 Optional 3 phase electrical also available. Specify at time of order.
Optional frame engaging adapters (10314 or 10318) are REQUIRED when lifting vehicles with frame construction.

EV1020 Inground Lifts
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