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Model Number

Inground Lifts Capacity

15,000 lbs. (6806kg)


68" (1727mm)
A Rise Height1
84-3/4" (2153mm)
B Width Overall
71-1/2" (1816mm)
C Drive-Thru Clearance
D Reach (Arm Minimum)
26-1/4" (667mm)
E Reach (Arm Maximum)
43" (1092mm)
F Adj. Adapter Height2
6-1/2 - 8-1/4"
(165 - 210mm)
G Adj. Adapter Height2
(with Medium Extensions)
10-1/2" - 12-3/4"
(267 - 324mm)
H Adj. Adapter Height2
(with High Extensions)
14-1/2" - 16-3/4"
(368 - 425mm)
Capacity (Per Arm)
3750 lbs. (1701kg)
Guide Plunge Diameter
8-1/2" (216mm)
Voltage (Single Phase Std.)3
Speed of Rise
60 seconds
Air Required
75-125 psi
Ceiling Height Required
(2159mm) plus height of tallest vehicle
Shipping Weight
3100 lbs. (1406 kg)

1 Heavy Duty Inground Lifts Rise Height is measured with superstructure in highest position.
2 Medium and high auxiliary adapter extensions are standard.
3 Optional 3 phase electrical also available. Specify at time of order.
Frame engaging adapters (10314 or 10318) are REQUIRED when lifting vehicles with frame construction.

EV1520 Inground Lifts
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