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CL1750A ATV Lifts & ATV Jacks

Challenger’s 1,750 lb. capacity ATV lifts are perfect for anyone who works on or owns ATVs or utility vehicles. These ATV lifts come standard with a 45" diamond plate approach ramp, which makes it safe and easy to load and unload your ATV. In addition, the CL1750A comes with dual foot pedal controls to make it easy and safe for anyone to operate.

Other important features include seamless lift and lower functions to make ATV service repairs quick and easy. Another attractive feature is that this ATV lift takes up little space in your garage, making it the perfect addition to any workspace.

This special model is the only ATV lift to feature drop down panels in the front and rear of the lift. These panels provide easy access to the tires for repair and removal. For other servicing and access needs, this lift features multiple locking positions for ergonomic height. These locking positions are automatic, easy to lock in, and are safety ensured.

Another feature that is exclusive to this and one other model is the air operated dual foot pedals. Rather than lifting with manual labor or unreliable lifting mechanisms, these double air cylinder foot pedals provide smooth and reliable lifting with optimal user control.

When lifting an ATV for repair or for storage, you can be sure you need one aspect over all else: stability. Luckily, the CL1750A is the industry standard for stable and reliable lifting. Its integrated base can reliably hold and lift up to 1,750 lbs. Its double scissor lift design provides smooth, even lifting despite heavy vehicle weight. Finally, the approach ramps allow for effortless onboarding and off-boarding of the ATV.

CL1750A is available with optional wheel clamps, ATV jacks, and extensions. The optional extension is ideal for ATV lifting needs. It brings the width of the ATV lift from 29 ½” up to 56” for full underbody support. The other accessories can be used to enhance the lift and provide a full ATV lift experience. These ATV lifts are available in black only.

Some important specifications include:

  • Lift Width: 29 ½” or 750 mm
  • Lift Length: 86 ½” or 22200 mm
  • Minimum Height: 8” or 204 mm
  • Lifting Time: 10-15 seconds
  • Lowering Time: 15 seconds

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ATV Lifts & ATV Jacks
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