6 Factors to Consider When Buying a Car Lift or Truck Lift

car liftChoosing which vehicle lift to buy is a major decision. Multiple factors go into play to ensure you’re buying the lift that fits your unique needs. While price and quality matter, there are other factors to consider, as well. Keep the following in mind as you browse for the right vehicle lift.

1. New vs. Used

Remember, buying a used lift comes with certain risks.  For example, used lifts are not warranted by the manufacturer. Also, used lifts may not have been properly serviced and maintained by the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures, meaning they may not be as safe and reliable as a new lift would be.

2. Warranty

Lift warranties often vary by model, so make sure to look into the warranty details of the models you’re considering.

3. Safety
Of course you want your vehicle lift to be safe. One way to ensure safety is to shop lifts that are ALI/ETL Certified, meaning they have been tested by the ETL (Intertek Testing Services) and meet specific safety standards.

truck lift

4. Lift Type

Do you need a four post lift or two post lift? Two post surface mounted lifts are the most popular type of surface mount lift purchased. However, four post lifts can accommodate just about anything that requires service – from trucks and SUVs to cars and vans.

5. Specifications

Take into account certain lift specifications, such as the size of the base of the lift (which provides stability and helps distribute weight to the floor), overall width, speed of the rise, voltage and more. Make sure the lift you’re considering fits your exact specifications.

6. Your Challenges

You’re searching for a precise kind of vehicle lift for a reason – so what’s the most important aspect to you? Are you looking for simplicity and ease of controls? Or are your must-haves cleanliness and reliability? Know what challenges you need to solve before you start your search, and choose the company that offers vehicle lift solutions for those challenges.

Buying a new vehicle lift can be an arduous process if you’re not sure where to start. Take a look at some of the features and benefits of various products from Challenger Lifts to make your search easy today.