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BUYER beware

Challenger Lifts and all of our logos and marks listed on this website are the intellectual property of Challenger Lifts, Inc. of Louisville, KY. We are committed to providing customers with innovative, premium quality automotive lifts, jacks and accessories. We sell through a network of Authorized Distributors. We do not sell direct. Service and installation of our equipment is handled through Authorized Installation and Service partners. Each Challenger Lifts partner is trained on sales, service and installation of all our equipment and should display the Challenger Lifts Authorized Distribution or Authorized Installation and Service marks.

Authorized DistributorAuthorized Installer

Unauthorized resellers of automotive lifts have been observed to be fraudulently applying the Challenger Lifts name to the automotive lifting products they offer for sale. They may have never been an Authorized Distributor or they have lost their distributorship by violating our policy. Just because they show product images in their catalogs or on their websites that include the Challenger Lifts name, logos or marks, does not necessarily mean they are Authorized Distributors or Authorized Installation and Service partners.

The product  they sell might be damaged, defective, used or even counterfeit with serial numbers having been removed. No Challenger Lifts product purchased through unauthorized partners will be serviced under warranty if there is a problem.

To ensure that you receive quality products, service and factory warranty, it is imperative that all of your Challenger Lifts purchases be made through Authorized Distributors.

To inquire about the validity of a Challenger Lifts distributor, please email sales@challengerlifts.com or service@challengerlifts.com. Thank you.

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