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Challenger Car Lifts Customer Testimonials

Challenger Lifts has been creating innovative car lift designs for over 28 years. Among our innovations are:

  • Versymmetric® Technology – The industry’s first front and rear 3-stage arm two post car lifts.
  • The 4 post car lifts with the highest rise in the industry.
  • The inground lift with chrome plungers and wide drive-through.







Here’s what our customers are saying about our car lifts:

The lifts have proven to be a clean and reliable addition to our shop lifts. We are very impressed with the speed and smoothness the lift delivers when raising and lowering cars. As our business grows, we’ll be looking at installing them in our future kits as needed. I would personally like to add that I have been very pleased with Challenger Lifts and the services they provide. As you know, your knowledge and dedication to help develop our shop is one of the reasons we chose Challenger Lifts. I look forward to doing business again in the future.

Bob Bellnomini
Director of Parts and Services
Mel Rapton Honda

The main thing we liked about Challenger Lifts was the way they looked in our shop. They provide great ambience, they’re quiet and they look great when customers come in. We like a very clean shop. The people from Challenger have been great at working with us and explaining the lifts. We looked at lifts at their plant and felt very comfortable with them. They made it extremely easy for us to purchase and we’re very glad that we did. Understand that the best part of these lifts is that there’s no electricity whatsoever, so you don’t have to wire them. It’s all done by water and air pressure so it will save you money in installation and operation.

Dick Lange
General Manager
Joe Morgan Honda
Monroe, Ohio

I like the simplicity and ease of the controls. There’s one handle to control the up and down motions. You don’t have to fiddle with pulling lock releases down when you’re trying to lower the lift. Challenger makes things a lot easier and more time efficient. The lifts themselves are extremely quiet. You don’t have all the whining and noise you’d normally get from a hydraulic lift. Also, the height of the lift gives technicians plenty of room to work under vehicles, especially if your technicians are taller. If you’re considering installing an inground lift, Challenger Lifts would be a great choice for you.

Mike Thorton
Service Manager
Joe Morgan Honda
Monroe, Ohio

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Leading Car Lift Innovation for over 28 years