Charged Up: Getting the Most Out of Your Mobile Column Lifts and Their Batteries

With 14,000 and 19,000 lb. capacity models, Challenger Lifts’ Mobile Column Lifts are the perfect choice for flexibility and convenience. Able to lift any rubber-tired vehicle, from small passenger cars to the largest two, three or four axle vehicles, Mobile Column Lifts provide power without taking up an entire bay.


These lifts are easy to maneuver and can be operated on nearly any solid surface, indoors or out, but all that power and versatility is only worthwhile if you properly care for your unit. Specifically, your Mobile Column Lifts’ battery.


Mobile Column Lifts must be charged on a daily basis for peak performance. If units are not properly charged it will damage the product’s lifespan and productivity. Repeated deep discharging will damage batteries, reduce service life, and harm the performance of the unit.


It is recommended that you charge batteries as often as possible, especially over a weekend, to maintain the longest service life possible. Units should only be charged indoors using the plug provided by Challenger Lifts. Only batteries of the same type, voltage, cell number, and amp-hour capacities as shown on the label should be charged. Other types of batteries may burst, causing personal injury and damage


These easy tips ensure that your Mobile Column Lifts work at peak-performance, and that they last as long as possible. Proper maintenance of all Challenger Lifts equipment is required to ensure safety and longevity.


For more care and use information, refer to your Owner’s Manual.