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Buyer Beware! Think you're getting a sweet deal?

Do the math. When not properly serviced and maintained by the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance procedures, used lifts typically add up to big problems. Not only can they cost you unnecessary money in replacement parts and repair from the onset, they require more frequent parts and service leading to significant down time and they could be prone to failure.

New Lift
Used Lift
Warranty - used lifts are NOT warranted by the manufacturer.
Abused - used lifts can be abused. Do you really know how that lift was being used and how many lift cycles are on it?  
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Missing Parts - used lifts have to be removed and relocated, making it likely to not have all hardware or even missing components.  
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*Replacement Parts - used lifts require more frequent parts and service resulting in more down time and they could be prone to failure.  
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Ease/Cost of Installation - used lifts just don’t go back together like a new lift. Professional installers charge more money to install because it has missing parts or is not packaged the way it was when it came from the manufacturer, taking more time and money to erect.
Removal - Extra Labor - used lifts have to be taken down, removed from one location, and relocated to another. This means you pay double labor.  
†Tax Incentive Available - used lifts DO NOT qualify for US federal government tax incentives. Based on the purchase of 18 new lifts at $3,500 per lift, you could save an estimated $22,000. Visit www.section179.org for details.
Peace of Mind - new lifts from reputable ALI member companies come with this. What’s your peace of mind worth?

†Consult your professional CPA or tax preparer’s advise on section 179 and applicable tax credits.

* Used Lift Common Replacement Parts Estimated Costs per lift (does not include lift installation):

New Power Unit
Leaking Hydraulic Cylinder
New Anchor Bolts & Shims
Foot Pad Assemblies
Arm Restraints
Slider Blocks

New Automotive Lifts = immediate productivity

 Download Challenger Lifts' Buyer Beware Used Lift Guide(pdf download 268KB)

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