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DX77 Scissor Lifts Mobile Columns Short and Midrise Lifts Home Enthusiast Lifts  
Inground Overview EV Inground Series Electric Wide Inground
2-Post Overview 2-Post Accessories CL10V3 Series CLFP9 LE10 SA10 E12 and E15 CL12 Heavy-Duty 2-Post Lifts
4-Post Overview 4P14 4-Post Lifts  4015 4-Post Lifts 4030 4-Post Lifts Heavy-Duty 4-Post Lifts

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Challenger Lifts and all our associated brand logos are the intellectual property of Challenger Lifts, Inc., Louisville, KY. Consistent and proper use is key to ensuring the continued success of all our customers. Should you have any doubt regarding proper use of our logos please contact Julia Goins, Marketing Coordinator, at 800-648-5438 x 606.

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To make the Challenger brand powerful, it needs to be applied consistently so that anyone who sees our brand knows who we are and what we stand for.  These guidelines aim to help you represent our brand consistently.

Challenger Brand Standards


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