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Inground Vs. Surface Mounted Lifts

When it comes to a vehicle lift, productivity, flexibility and safety are probably important to you. Multiple types of lifts can encompass these features, so how do you know which one best suits your specific needs? For instance, how do you know if you should get an inground lift or a surface mounted lift?

Inground lifts were much more popular in the past – specifically the 1980’s – but they still offer many benefits today. There are inground lifts to suit almost any vehicle type – one or two piston lifts can be used for smaller, more compact vehicles, while three or four piston lifts can be used for larger vehicles.

The main difference between inground and surface mounted lifts is where the lifting assemblies sit. Among inground lifts, the assemblies are situated below floor level (underground). With surface mounted lifts, however, the assemblies sit on top of the floor.

Today, 2 post surface mounted lifts are the most popular type of surface mounted lift. Mechanic, hydraulic or electronic synchronization allows the lift arms to ride up each column smoothly. With this type of lift, it’s almost like owning two car lifts in one.

Challenger Lifts offers a selection of both inground and surface-mounted lifts. Our inground lifts include the AV1020 series, EV1020, EV1220 and the EV1520. Our surface-mounted lifts include a huge selection of both 2 post lifts and 4 post lifts.

Have a question about inground or surface mounted lifts? We can help. Contact us today.

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