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Quick service work has never been easier with Challenger Lifts' short rise lift and mid rise lift. A Short rise and mid rise lift is perfect for brake and tire servicing needs. Each features dual cylinders and a powder coat finish for long-lasting durability. Read below and learn whether a short rise or mid rise lift is right for you:

Short Rise Automotive Lift

Challenger Lifts' SRM10 short rise automotive lift features a 10,000 lb. lifting capacity to lift today's heavier vehicles. This capability allows it to lift a range of vehicles, including small passenger cars and light trucks. It is ideal for brake and tire servicing needs because it provides proximal access to these areas. Along with this, the short rise lift provides a variety of advantages due to its small size. For example, it requires less energy to operate, which decreases shop costs and shrinks your environmental footprint. It will also take up less floor space, allowing for increased productivity when the lift is not in use.

For your convenience, this short rise lift includes inset storage trays that keep small parts within an arm’s reach. It also includes standard spotting blocks and optional auxiliary adapters, which reach a variety of vehicle pick up points. Finally, this short rise vehicle lift has 3 locking positions to provide ergonomic working heights during repair.

Mid Rise Automotive Lift

Our MR6 mid rise automotive lift features a heavy duty tow dolly which provides portability to lift a variety of vehicles inside or out. The tow dolly allows this lift to be used anywhere with a solid surface. Convenient portability like this will translate to increased productivity in your shop. Imagine being able to perform car repairs wherever is most convenient for your crew—this mid rise lift will make it possible.

Other exclusive features of this lift include:

  • Sliding and rotating arms to accommodate varied lifting & repair needs
  • li>Rubber pads on arms for careful lifting
  • Low drive over clearance for easy onboarding

Think either of these lifts is right for you? Contact a Challenger Lifts representative for short rise and mid rise vehicle lifts pricing information.

Versymmetric 2 post Automotive Lift

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