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Introducing the most environmentally friendly automotive lift to ever hit the market.

(Louisville, KY November 2008) - Introducing the most environmentally friendly automotive lift to ever hit the market. The AV1020WV EnviroLift" with AquaVantage" from Challenger Lifts, boasts a RealGREEN" earth friendly design that is powered by Air and Water instead of oil and electricity used by traditional hydraulic lifts.

The AV1020WV runs on compressed air and tap water straight out of the faucet. The lifting mechanisms are service accessible from the surface and require minimal maintenance - simply grease four fittings once a year.

AV1020WV works with no environmental, maintenance and corrosion problems you may have encountered with traditional hydraulic oil inground lifts. And since it's powered by the air pressure you already have, there are no noisy, energy-consuming motors - a tremendous cost savings during installation.

A few other features and benefits:

  • Large 8-1/4" double walled, anodized aluminum pistons provide stability, corrosion-resistance and a stunning showroom-like appearance
  • Air actuated water control valve for positive ascent and descent.
  • The highest rise in the industry at 80" provides maximum head room for working underneath vehicles.
  • Versymmetric┬« 3-stage arms lift both symmetrically and asymmetrically within the same service bay to maximize service capabilities and revenue potential.
  • Widest drive-thru in the industry at 87" allows easy vehicle drive-on.
  • Double Telescoping Screw Pads reach multiple vehicle pickup point heights reducing the need for adapters.

 Download AV1020WV AquaVantage Product Sheet (pdf download 880KB)

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