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"A New Direction in Lifts"

(Louisville, KY February 2009) -Fixed Ops Magazine publishes "A New Direction in Lifts" editorial. The January 2009 edition of the magazine features a full page ad and an editorial on our new AquaVantage™ Technology. The article speaks about the lifts’ air and water operation, it’s reliability and performance, it’s lower cost of ownership compared to traditional electric/oil inground lifts and its potential to help those dealerships pursuing LEED certification status.

Here are a couple quotes from the article - "Lifts powered by Water and Compressed Air Drive Energy Efficiency."

"One of the newest technologies for the service department is an in-ground lift using water (instead of petroleum or vegetable-based hydraulic oils) and compressed air (rather than electric motors) to raise and lower the unit."

"By eliminating the need for hydraulic oils and electrical power, water and compressed air-powered in-ground lifts save dealerships more than $24,000 in installation costs associated with running electrical to traditional electric-powered lifts. This new technology also operates more quietly, raises faster and higher than other lifts on the market. The water is safely contained inside anodized aluminum cylinders."

Download the entire article here:
Fixed Ops January 2009 Issue - A New Direction in Lifts (pdf - 1.6mb) 

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