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Challenger Lifts introduces new EnviroLift® Electric Hydraulic Inground Car Lifts with Chrome Pistons

EV1220(Louisville, KY April 2011) Released and on display at the 2011 NADA Show, Challenger Lifts brings more innovative technology to their line of electric hydraulic inground car lifts, the EV1020, EV1220 and EV1520. These hydraulic lifts boast larger 8-1/2” chrome pistons and have a large bearing spread, giving your shop a superior, more stable and repeatable lift time after time, resulting in increased productivity. They are also less expensive to maintain than those with steel pistons (quarterly maintenance versus monthly maintenance). Enhanced wipers at the top and bottom of the bearings significantly reduce the risk of lift contamination. These inground car lifts also eliminate environmental concerns with a fully contained polymer housing made from recycled plastic.

EnviroLifts require less shop space than surface mounted car lifts. With a smaller footprint, your shop will maximize the number of service bays, resulting in higher parts and service revenue. EnviroLifts also creates a professional showroom style appearance with their open, aesthetically pleasing look and high sheen, reflective chrome pistons.

Other standard features include mechanical locking ladder that engages every 3” and a stainless steel air lock release cylinder to prevent rust associated with condensation. Challenger’s new EnviroLift® is available in 10,000 (Model #EV1020), 12,000 (Model #EV1220), and the exclusive 15,000 lb. (Model #EV1520) capacity lifts and are ALI/ETL Certified to meet ANSI standards.

For more information contact Mike Eaton, Marketing Director, at 800-648-5438 or visit us online at http://www.challengerlifts.com/EV1020.shtml for the complete listing of features and benefits.

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