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CL10V3 wins 2008 PTEN Innovation Award

Louisville, KY, February 2008 - PTEN's panel of active and independent techs and mechanics scrutinized the nominees (no one from the PTEN staff served in a judging capacity). These tools and equipment were selected as the top in a very tight race of more than 70 products that were nominated. While all nominees received high marks for innovation from the panel, these winners were stand-outs. The entire staff at PTEN congratulates the winning companies on their innovative products, and all the companies that continue to innovate with new tools and equipment to help the professionals in auto repair continue to excel at their job.

Company: Challenger Lifts

Product: CL10V3

The CL10V3 is another industry first, a 2 post lift with both front and rear three stage arms for maximum arm sweep, retraction and reach. The CL10V3 displays Challenger Lifts innovation in product development; a lift design that allows for the largest range of vehicles to be serviced in a single bay with exclusive Versymmetric Technology, which combines symmetric and asymmetric lifting capabilities in one design. It's like owning 2 Lifts in One. Thanks to advanced design, the CL10V3 meets OEM recommended pick up points of the widest range of vehicles, including vehicles with outside designated pick up points, wider vehicles, low profile vehicles, and long and short wheelbase vehicles. It offers single-sweep spotting for virtually any vehicle, maximizing productivity. Features include double telescoping screw pads, Heavy-Duty pulley and cable equalization system, elongated carriage, fully gusseted base plate design, single point mechanical lock release and padded overhead shut off system.

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