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Lift more vehicles with Versymmetric® automotive lifts

CL10V3 2 post car lifts were the first and only in the industry with offset 3-stage front arms and 3-stage rear arms -

  • unlike competitor's asymmetric only and symmetric only car lifts, our CL10 series 2 post lift takes the guesswork out of vehicle lift buying because it allows you to properly lift 100% of the top 20 selling vehicles so there's no need to designate vehicle service bays. Turn column asymmetric only auto lifts were designed to lift passenger cars and light duty trucks and SUV's . Manufacturers of these car lifts do not recommend lifting full size trucks and large SUV's. Symmetric only vehicle lifts were designed to lift full size trucks and SUV's and not passenger cars and light duty trucks.
  • with its offset front arms, the CL10 series 2 post lift easily accommodates spotting more vehicles quicker and easier . Since the front arms of the auto lift can be stowed in an asymmetric lifting position, rear of the front tires, the arm is able to swing clear of the vehicle's front tire to hit the front vehicle lift points, without repositioning the vehicle back and forth
  • its excellent rear arm reach and front arm retraction maximizes shop productivity. The CL10 series car lifts meet the recommended vehicle lift points of the widest range of vehicles, from long wheelbase vehicles to wide unibody vehicles.

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Lift more vehicles with Versymmetric® automotive lifts
Become realGREEN™ and just add water

AV1020 series air and water powered inground EnviroLift® with patented AquaVantage™ Technology is the best earth friendly auto lift solution -

  • the only realGREEN™ car lift that conserves resources and is powered by two of our most abundant natural resources, air and water. Although traditional inground electric and oil auto lifts have become more environmentally friendly over the years, these lifts still operate with electrical motors and hydraulic oil, ATF fluid, or bio-fluid.
  • its leading innovation and cutting edge technology is good for your bottom line and the environment. AV1020 inground car lifts function similar to the traditional low pressure high oil volume auto lifts of yesterday, without any oils or high pressure cylinders. Unlike some green products, there’s no compromise in performance and reliability. AquaVantage car lifts have a faster speed of ascent and rises taller and quieter than traditional electric and oil inground auto lifts. It showcases the best balance of safety, reliability, productivity, performance and environmental benefits.
  • looking to acquire LEED® certification for a new build or remodel? Our exclusive patented realGREEN™ vehicle lift technology is more energy efficient than traditional electric / oil hydraulic auto lifts, making it a clear choice for green projects.
Become realGREEN™ and just add water
Widen your productivity

CS1020WV inground auto lift features the widest drive-thru in the industry -

  • with 87 inches of drive through clearance, the CS1020WV in ground vehicle lift accommodates more vehicles than other inground car lifts in the market. The wide drive through makes shops more efficient and productive by not turning away service repair business because your existing inground auto lift does not accommodate a specific vehicle.
  • no more tire pinching and unnecessary tire repair. CS1020WV's wide drive through minimizes tire pinching against the bolster of the vehicle lift upon drive over.
  • wider drive through clearance on our inground car lifts expedites vehicle lift spotting to maximize efficiency and revenue potential
Widen your productivity
Work more comfortably

Challenger Lifts 4P12 series and 4015 series 4 post auto lifts feature the highest rise in industry -

  • since our 4P12 series and both the 4015 general repair service and alignment rack vehicle lifts have a 78" rise height, it's easier for taller technicians to move around and perform a variety of service work.
  • the higher rise of our 4 post auto lifts minimizes discomfort from crouching to service the underside of vehicles on auto lifts with shorter rise heights.
  • these vehicle lifts feature 14 lock positions that allow service technicians to perform a variety of repairs at an ergonomic working height. The lock positions provide safety and a single point air actuated column lock release disengages all post lift locks simultaneously, providing maximum productivity.
Work more comfortably
Reduce vehicle lift downtime

CLM / CLMB series mobile lift feature a recirculating ball screw lift design -

  • provides less car lift downtime resulting in more efficiency, productivity and revenue. The recirculating ball screw is more efficient and has less friction than hydraulic mobile lifts. Our mobile lift columns are available in both 16,000 and 18,000 lb. lift capacities and cabled electric column lifts or a battery operated mobile lift.
  • low column lift weight and slim design provides portable convenience to move the mobile lift where you need it, when you need it. And CLMB series mobile lift system features a 12v Heavy-Duty deep cycle battery for servicing heavy vehicles where 3-phase electrical power is unavailable or cost prohibitive.
  • since the CLM and CLMB series mobile lift columns do not run on hydraulic lift oil, there's no messy hydraulic fluid leaks to clean up.
Reduce vehicle lift downtime
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