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Which 4 Post Lift is Right for You?

The 4 post lifts from Challenger Lifts vary from one model to the next. For instance, one model can lift up to 12,000 lbs. while another can lift up to 60,000 lbs.

So, how do you know which 4 post lift meets your exact needs? To start, remember that any lift you purchase from Challenger Lifts is guaranteed to be quality-built to industry standards. Additionally, all of our 4 post lifts demonstrate our commitment to innovative and safe product design.

To start, let’s compare the lift capacity of the models. The lowest lift capacity, up to 12,000 lbs., can be found with our 44012LR/DLR lifts. The highest lift capacity can be found with our 44060 lift (up to 60,000 lbs.)

Wheel base may also be a deciding factor for you. The smallest wheel base can be found with the 4P12EFX, 4015EFO, 4015EFX, AR4015AO and the AR4015EAX, at 182-1/2 inches. If you’re looking for something in the middle, such as 210 inches, the 4P12XFX, AR4015XAO or the 4015XFO might be the right size. Our largest wheel base of 410 inches can be found with the 44040X.

Rise height may be another important factor, because maximum head room means maximum productivity. Some of our models, including the 4015 series and the 4P14 series, have a 78 inch rise height, which is the highest rise in the industry.

If these don’t cover the specifications you’d like to compare, take a look at our 4 post wheel base chart, which compares the lift capacity, wheel base, runway length, overall width and overall length of all our 4 post lifts. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

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