Robby Layton

Challenger is proud to be a part of Robby Layton Nation. As you may have seen from Robby’s channel, he recently installed three of our lifts in his shop, Layton Autobody. His channel features charitable builds, crazy rescues, full restorations, body repair, and paint and some shenanigans along the way!

Check below to see what Challenger products Robby chose for his shop.

4115 4-Post Alignment

Designed with productivity and safety in mind, our newly improved 15,000 lb 4-Post Lift would be a great addition to any shop floor. With several configurations available, you’re sure to find the lift to meet your needs.

Increase your customer base with this lift as it can accommodate and service a wide range of vehicles. Anything from a small passenger car to a medium-duty truck, and even medium-sized vans. All while boosting workplace safety with our open front design, assisting technicians moving around a vehicle’s frame.

CL16 Heavy-Duty 2-Post

Challenger’s Heavy-Duty 2-Post lifts boast optimum flexibility with a lift designed from the anchors up to meet ALI/ANSI safety standards. These lifts have a capacity of 16,000lbs or 20,000lbs and can lift everything from compact cars to tall, heavy trucks. All put together, this lift is built to withstand the toughest of fleet maintenance. 

The CL16-3S has the capacity and height required to symmetrically lift service trucks and 3-stage front and rear arms to lift smaller vehicles asymmetrically. Additionally featuring low profile pickup pads and an adjustable width and height. 2ft height extensions are available for additional clearance.

CL10V3 Versymmetric® 2-Post

Challenger’s CL10V3 model features our exclusive Versymmetric® technology to allow you to service the widest range of vehicles and maximize your bottom line. 3-stage front and 3-stage rear arms with our industry-first directSPOT™ design eliminate the need to shuffle a vehicle back and forth to swing the front arm clear of the tire to reach recommended lift points. Accurate first-try spotting will boost your productivity as well as reduce frustration in your shop.

We also offer the CL10V3 in several configurations to meet your service application needs. A drive-on pad option provides the quickest vehicle spotting for express bays. Our added Quick Cycle™ models can rise in just 27 seconds and lower in only 17 seconds. Quick Cycle™ technology’s increased lift speed will drastically boost your service potential. Adjustable height and width options are also available. In addition, choose between a wide range of accessories to make the CL10V3 the perfect choice for your shop. Expand your service potential with our most versatile, easy-to-operate lift.

Interested in more info on any of the lifts featured on Robby’s channel? Fill out the information below and, if interested in purchasing, use the code “ROBBYLAYTON” for $100 off your lift purchase.

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