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EV1220 Series

12K Heavy-Duty Inground Lift

Challenger’s electric hydraulic cassette-style 12,000 lb. capacity inground lift meets the demands of professional service facilities. With a smaller footprint, your shop can maximize service bays. The EV1220 comes standard with true 3-stage front and rear arms, which have the ability to lift a larger range of heavier vehicles. We’ve also added our time-tested productivity tools, including Quick Cycle Technology and Bench Mount Controls to boost your efficiency.

ALI/ETL certified.

  • 12,000 lb. lift capacity
  • 3-stage front and 3-stage rear arms provide access to the lift points of a wide range of cars and trucks within the service bay, maximizing revenue potential
  • 8 1/2” diameter chrome pistons provide greater stability under load
  • Chrome non-breathing ram style cylinder provides for longer lift life
  • Enhanced raised wiper at top and bottom of bearing provides better grease retention and minimizes contaminates from entering into bearings
  • Long bearing contact provides increased stability
  • Mechanical lock engages every 3? allows ergonomic working height for technicians to increase productivity and minimize fatigue
  • Stainless steel air lock release cylinder promotes longer working life with its corrosion resistant design
  • Fully-contained and sealed recycled polymer cassette tub eliminates risk of hydraulic fluid seeping into the ground
  • Heavy-duty polyurethane screw pads accommodate a wide range of recommended lifting points
  • 87″ drive-thru accommodates wider vehicles, minimizes tire damage and provides for easy drive-on
  • Wide range of upgrades to further customize your fleet
  • Premium powder coat finish on bolsters and arms provides long-lasting durability

Model NumberEV1220EV1220-QC
Lifting Capacity12,000 lbs.12,000 lbs.
Arms3-stage front/3-stage rear3-stage front/3-stage rear
Rise Height80.75”80.75”
Width Overall115”115”
Drive-Thru Clearance87”87”
Reach (Arm Minimum)19.625”19.625”
Reach (Arm Maximum)48”48”
Screw Pad Height5” - 6.75”5” - 6.75”
Capacity3,000 lbs. per arm3,000 lbs. per arm
Guide Plunger Diam.8.5”8.5”
Motor / Voltage2HP, 208v-230v, 60Hz, 1Ph3HP, 208v-230v, 60Hz, 1Ph
Speed of Rise60 s38 s
Air Required90 - 120 psi90 - 120 psi
ALI/ETL CertifiedYesYes
Super Structure ColorsRed, Blue, BlackRed, Blue, Black

Optional Accessories and Upgrades

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