Challengers EW1220 Inground Lift for wider vehicles. 2 silver columns with yellow supports

12K Wide Inground

Our 12,000 lbs. hydraulic inground lift provides an extra-wide drive-through clearance for servicing wide-bodied and electric vehicles. Its design allows for battery-lowering out of electric vehicles and comes standard with True 3-Stage arms and double-telescoping screw pads. Bench-mounted controls are optional.

The EW1220 can handle some of the widest cars currently on the market, such as the RAM® TRX, Hummer® EV, Tesla® Model X & Ford® Mach-E.

Features & Benefits

• 3-Stage Front & Rear Arms

• 88″ Drive-Thru clearance

• QuickCycle Available


Standard Footpad

Round Rubber Footpad

Round Rubber Footpad

b2280 web

GM® Truck Footpad Set

Electric vehicle footpad

Electric Vehicle Footpad Kit

Challengers Cab-off Part #B2290

Cab-Off Footpad Kit

b2206-3 new web

3″ Stack Adapter

10313 new web

6″ Stack Adapter

Challengers Lift sprint kit Part # 10333

Sprinter Kit

Challenger's Frame Adapter part # 10314

Frame Adapters

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