CL16 Series

16K Heavy-Duty Two-Post Adjustable Lift

Challenger’s Heavy-Duty Two-Post lifts boast optimum flexibility with a lift designed from the anchors to meet ALI/ANSI safety standards. These lifts have a capacity of 16,000lbs or 20,000lbs and can lift everything from compact cars to tall, heavy trucks. Altogether, this lift will withstand the toughest of fleet maintenance needs.

The CL16 has the capacity and height to symmetrically lift service trucks and 3-stage front and rear arms to lift smaller vehicles asymmetrically. Additionally, featuring low-profile pickup pads and an adjustable width and height. 2ft height extensions are available for additional clearance.

Stack Adapter Kits (10315) are included with all CL16 lifts.

ALI® Certified.


  • Engineered to be wider, taller, and stronger. Ready to tackle the heaviest vehicles in any fleet. 
  • Single-point air actuated lock release allows the technician to disengage both columns simultaneously.
  • Oversized 5” diameter steel pulley and heavy-duty 3/8” cable reduces stress on equalization system and increases cable life.
  • 60” lifting carriage design increases lift life.
  • Adjustable width and symmetrical design allow easy access to the vehicle’s interior.
  • Dual integrated rubber door guards to prevent door damage.

Model NumberCL16-0-3SCL16-2-3SCL20-0CL20-2
Description16K Standard16K Extended Height20K Standard20K Extended Height
Lifting Capacity16,000 lbs.16,000 lbs.20,000 lbs.20,000 lbs.
Lift ConfigurationSymmetricSymmetricSymmetricSymmetric
Arm Configuration3-Stage Front/Rear3-Stage Front/Rear2-Stage Front/Rear2-Stage Front/Rear
Maximum Load Per Arm4,000 lbs.4,000 lbs.5,000 lbs.5,000 lbs.
Rise Height (Maximum with Stack Adapters)Min. 75.5" Max. 81.5"Min. 75.5" Max. 81.5"Min. 76.6" Max. 84.6"Min. 76.6" Max. 84.6"
Overall Height Options162", 168", 174"186", 192", 198"162", 168", 174"186", 192", 198"
Overall Width Options166.75", 160.75", 154.75"166.75", 160.75", 154.75"166.75", 160.75", 154.75"166.75", 160.75", 154.75"
Drive-Thru Clearance104.25", 110.25", 116.25"104.25", 110.25", 116.25"104.25", 110.25", 116.25"104.25", 110.25", 116.25"
Floor to Overhead Switch155", 161", 167"179", 185", 191"155", 161", 167"179", 185", 191"
Arm ReachMin. 36.625" Max. 75"Min. 36.625" Max. 75"Min. 38.5" Max. 62"Min. 38.5" Max. 62"
Screw Pad HeightMin. 5" Max. 6.5"Min. 5" Max. 6.5"Min. 6.2" Max. 7.6"Min. 6.2" Max. 7.6"
Between Columns120", 126", 132"120", 126", 132"120", 126", 132"120", 126", 132"
Motor/Voltage3HP, 1Ph, 60Hz, 208/230v3HP, 1Ph, 60Hz, 208/230v3HP, 1Ph, 60Hz, 208/230v3HP, 1Ph, 60Hz, 208/230v
Air Supply Required90-120 psi90-120 psi90-120 psi90-120 psi
Rise Time62s62s62s62s
Min. Ceiling Height Required13'8", 14'2", 14'8"15'8", 16'2", 16'8"13'8", 14'2", 14'8"15'8", 16'2", 16'8"

Optional Accessories and Upgrades

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