CLHM-140, CLHM-190 & CLHM-190W

14K / 19K Heavy-Duty Mobile Column Lift

Challenger’s heavy-duty (CLHM Series) mobile lifting system are robust, yet easily maneuverable and can be operated on almost any solid surface, indoors or out. Mobile lifts provide the flexibility and convenience to lift any rubber-tired vehicle, from small passenger cars to large 2-, 3- or 4-axle vehicles up to 152,000 pounds. Our heavy-duty mobile lifts are also capable of lifting vehicles of any axle length or wheelbase. Models are available in 14,000 lb. or 19,000 lb. capacity columns.

Model #s CLHM-140, CLHM-190, and CLHM-190W

ALI® certified.

  • 14,000 lb. or 19,000 lb. capacity columns
  • Hydraulic operated units provide 28,000/38,000 (set of 2) or 112,000/152,000 lbs. (set of 8) lifting capacity
  • 110-volt built-in multi-stage charging system
  • Wireless system for clutter-free work area without cables to connect, navigate, roll-over or replace
  • Adjustable wheel carriage adapts to most tire sizes
  • 12 radio frequencies with a wide channel range prevents radio noise from interrupting service
  • Linear position transducers maintain system synchronization and ensure maximum reliability
  • Integrated touch screen control console at each column allows operation from any unit
  • Precise balanced design, heavy-duty tow handle and spring-loaded wheels for easy mobility
  • Operates with 12-volt deep cycle batteries eliminating the need for power source hookups and providing 24-volt operation
  • Integrated weight gauges help prevent column overloading and verify lock engagement
  • Wide range of accessories available to further customize your columns to lift specialty heavy-duty trucks, transit and municipality vehicles, forklifts, cab removal of standard pickup trucks and more

Model NumberCLHM-140CLHM-190CLHM-190W
Lifting Capacity Per Column14,000 lbs.19,000 lbs.19,000 lbs.
Height of Lift Unit88.5"88.5"88.5"
Height of Lift Unit at Full Rise157.125"157.125"157.125"
Width of Lift Unit44.25"44.25"49"
Length of Lift Unit53.625"53.625"53.625"
Maximum Lift Height (4 or more units)69"69"69"
Maximum Lift Height (2 units - Normal Mode)32"32"32"
Min-Max Wheel Diameter5" - 24.5"5" - 24.5"4" - Max det. by tire size
Max. Hydraulic System Operating Pressure2,180 psi2,600 psi2,600 psi
Lift Speed (Max Load)60" per min.60" per min.60" per min.
Weight of Lift Unit1,485 lbs1,510 lbs1,575 lbs
Footprint of Lift Unit560 sq. in.560 sq. in.600 sq. in.
Ground Pressure for each Lift (Max. Load)27.7 psi36.6 psi34.3 psi
Turning Radius of Lift Unit47"47"47"
Operating Peak Power4HP4HP4HP
Operating Voltage24 VDC nominal25 VDC nominal26 VDC nominal
Charger Voltage Required120 VAC @ 60 Hz120 VAC @ 60 Hz120 VAC @ 60 Hz
Charger Amps Required1.3 Amps1.3 Amps1.3 Amps
ALI/ETL CertifiedYesYesYes
Colors AvailableBlueBlueBlue

Optional Accessories and Upgrades

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