Challengers 44018 4 post lift with black column

18K Heavy-Duty 4-Post

Challenger’s 44018 4-post car lift boast an impressive 18,000 lb. lift capacity, perfect for the toughest challenges in your automotive shop. With a maximum wheelbase range of 194” to 236”, this lift can easily accommodate a variety of medium-sized transit vehicles. Featuring a single-point air actuated lock release, disengaging column locks is a breeze, particularly with our alignment model. This makes this lift incredibly convenient and easy to use, saving you valuable time and effort. The diamond-plate approach ramps offer positive vehicle traction, ensuring the safety and stability of every vehicle you’re working on. Plus, the adjustable runways can accommodate a wide range of tread widths, making this lift even more versatile and adaptable to your specific needs. For added convenience, the approach ramps feature heavy-duty steel roller wheels, allowing for easy positioning of vehicles onto the lift. And with the option of black columns only, this lift is not just functional but also sleek and stylish. But the real standout feature of this lift is its built-in runway rail system. This innovative design allows you to add extra convenience options like rolling jacks and oil drain pans (sold separately) with ease, making this lift a truly versatile and essential tool for any automotive shop. So, upgrade your workspace with this incredible lift today, and take your productivity to a whole new level!

Features & Benefits

  • 18,000 lb. lift capacity
  • 194” to 236” max wheelbase
  • Single-point air actuated lock release disengages column locks simultaneously (Alignment model only)
  • Diamond-plate approach ramps for positive vehicle traction
  • Adjustable runways to accommodate tread widths of a variety of medium-sized transit vehicles (rolling jack application requires fixed runways and runway spacing of 33-15/16″ to 41-11/16″)
  • Approach ramps with heavy-duty steel roller wheels
  • Available with black columns only
  • Built-in runway rail system provides versatility to add convenience options like rolling jacks and oil drain pan (sold separately)


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