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Welcome to our Industry Favorites page, where we proudly showcase the major names and influential professionals in the car lift industry. As experts in the car community, these individuals have carefully selected Challenger Lifts as their top choice for automotive lifting solutions.

Renowned for their exceptional quality and a brand that commands respect, Challenger Lifts has earned the trust and loyalty of these industry leaders. Though each influencer brings a unique background to the table, they all share one common belief: when it comes to car lifts, nothing surpasses the excellence offered by Challenger Lifts. Join us as we delve into their stories and discover why they have chosen Challenger Lifts as the best.

Robby Layton

Robby Layton
Matts Offroad Recovery Challenger Lifts Community

Matt's Offroad Recovery

Rudy's Adventure & Design

Rudy's Adventure & Design
Trailmater Offroad Recovery


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